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We are happy to wish all our friends a happy new year for 2021 and we hope that you saw the message from Hanna – Happy New Year. This week we bring you a beautiful photoset and video from Delia and as the final part of our Christmas gift we will offer the full combined pack for the price of just the photoset.

Delia took a day out to visit the poppy fields last summer. And we caught up with her to bring you a photoset and video. And here we see Delia in a flowing white robe with red belted bow and bare feet.

We have a photoset featuring 153 images all delivered with Delia’s special style. And as a special Christmas gift we will bring you them both together for the price of a photoset.

You can see Delia’s latest video in this gallery….


You can see Delia’s photoset, video and combined set over at our shop –

And you can see all of Delia’s latest photosets at – Delia’s Shop

And if you need help with payment methods you can send us an email to [email protected]

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