Delia Set 54

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We return back to our normal schedules this week as Delia brings us to Almaty’s First Presidents Park during late summer last year. And lots of late summer fun with skateboards, scooters and Delia of course.

Delia rocks the summer skies with a fun activity shoot at the park. Dressed for action is a white sports dress and sneakers and finding fun with scooters and skateboards.

With this set Delia has 152 mesmerising images and with a wonderful video that clocks in at just over 4 minutes.

You can see Delia’s video in this gallery….


You can see Delia’s photoset and video bundle over at our shop –

And you can see all of Delia’s latest photosets at – Delia’s Shop

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13 Responses

  1. Sodoff Baldrick

    Unable to purchase coupons!
    Otherwise it would have been an instabuy…..

  2. Sodoffbaldrick
  3. jacksully

    Lovely Delia’s performance frolicking as a girlie in Presidents Park.
    Only real models can move in front of camera sparkling of beauty with no makeup, natural hair, simple sundress and white snickers.
    And she is 6 feet tall… whadda girl!

  4. Socio

    Delia is such a beautiful wonder, you should have an onlyfans just for her and she could have visitors

  5. Sodoffbaldrick

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