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It was a lovely day for a picnic. We just needed some apples from the tree in the garden. And Delia volunteered to go pick some fresh ones. What could be better on a lovely summer’s day than a picnic and the company of a beautiful young lady like Delia?

Delia invites us to share sometime in the garden to enjoy the picnic she has prepared on our behalf. And this will be a special treat for those lovers of bare feet.

With this beautiful picnic set we feature Delia in a summer style wrap and bare feet.We can offer 199 photos and a fantastic video too.

You can see Delia’s video in this gallery….


You can see Delias photoset and video bundle over at our shop –

And you can see all of Delia’s latest photosets at – Delia’s Shop

If you need details of payment methods you can send us an email to [email protected]

And check our new group on Telegram [if you are not a member you can apply to join] –

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  1. Sodoffbaldrick
  2. hw-friends
  3. hw-friends
    • Socio

      I could……and I did. At least I thought I did. Signed up to here and the store. Happily paid my $18.00 at takefile and waited for the email telling me my points had been updated. Recieved said reply and was told “Your points balance has been updated. Thank you.”
      Great,I’ll log in and get my set, brilliant.
      Yet when I try to log in here I get
      “Your account has not been approved yet.”
      And if I try to log into the store I get
      “Warning: No match for E-Mail Address and/or Password.” Which is clearly wrong because I’ve received the email about my points balance. (and yes I’m using the correct password)
      Sorry to say about this here but I’ve sent in 3 emails about not being able to log in and had no response from any. If YOU could help that’d be great.

      • hw-friends

        Hi, your account is now approved on this site. I have also sent a question to the admin who looks after the Takefile connection to see how the problem occured.
        And I have reset your password on the shop site and have sent you an email with the new password on it.

        • socio69

          Thank you very much, I can now log in here.
          That’s great, be interested to know. Hopefully no one else has the same issue.
          Brilliant, thanks though I’ve yet to receive that email and I have checked my Spam folder. I’ll look again.

          • hw-friends

            You should have the email now. I checked the spam outputs and it has cleared. Sometimes Yahoo mail reports issues but we haven’t had any reports back.

        • Socio

          yay we got there and I am now the proud owner of set 56. Thank you so much, totally worth getting as Delia is such a goddess.

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