Erin Set 3

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This week we welcome back Erin for her third set. And it’s a lovely start to 2023 for us as Erin checks out the furnishings at the new apartment. She throws off those shoes and makes herself right at home.

Erin is checking out the new apartment and she has dressed for the occasion. Erin wears a very simple white vest top, black miniskirt with white trime and black wedge heels.

With this lovely shoot we have a photoset and video to share. The photoset comprises 169 sensational images and the video rocks in at over 4 minutes.

You can see Erin’s video in this gallery….


You can see Erin’s photoset and video bundle over at our shop –

And you can see all of Erin’s latest photosets at – Erin’s Shop

If you need details of payment methods you can send us an email to [email protected]

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