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The girls took a little road trip to Marrakesh and they were kind enough to stop off and shoot us some photos and video. And we have a set were stylish and fun meet to a very good effect. The girls stay in harmony with local stylings while also managing to display a more normal flair.

For this set, Delia and Hanna feature on black sports outfits with Hanna in black sandals and Delia in white trainers. And they add the stylish flowing robes which you will see in best effect in the video.

For this set we have 168 photos and a wonderful video too shot on location in beautiful Marrakesh.

You can see Hanna and Delia’s video in this gallery….


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  1. jacksully

    Queen Hanna and Princess Delia, our flagship models from the start, perform among some outstanding Muslim locations.
    There some think the houris live in the Jannah, instead we know they are here among us just now.

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