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This week we are very happy to announce the opportunity to start taking a look back at Hanna’s career with her fans. To begin we will focus on Hanna’s career with Silver and TMTV agencies.

Over time we will add more images to build the gallery. And the good news is that we will be able to share some of these sets with our customers. We won’t be selling these sets but we will find other ways to share them.

And that is where you come in. We will offer sets as bonuses for our customers, maybe have a couple of special events from time to time. But we would like to know, what sets would people like to see first.
So come on. Share your opinions with us either by replying with a comment on this page or by sending us an email.

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  1. jacksully

    Excellent initiative.
    Hanna was the luck of all the agencies she worked for, able to gather a correct audience of fans and supporters, thanks to her beauty and innocent charm.
    Right move to make Hanna’s early works available in their original state, taking her work away from the wrong people in the wrong places.

    • hw-friends

      Yes, we will work to make sure that we will share with people via this site. We have been very fortunate to have the assistance of a couple of Hanna supporters with this initiative.

    • Anthony Moctezuma

      I vaguely remember her for SilverStar, since I had always follow her in Candydoll. And had no idea she was in TMTV which I know they have some provocative fashions there. Used to follow Khloe R in the 3 agencies though (Candydoll, Silver, TMTV – maybe you can add her to your agency if she is still good appealing).

      But back to Hanna, would love to see her material for TMTV since I never even knew she was in that agency. Just please, hurry Haha. I have missed Hanna so much and has been worth a while.

  2. Joe

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