Hanna Set 58

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If you come down to the woods today….. Well a couple of weeks ago in our case. You may just have found Hanna exploring, climbing trees and checking if the bears like berries.

Hanna is out exploring the woods, looking for bears, finding trees to climb. And all in a beautiful fitted dress and bare feet. The natural girl goes all Nature Girl for our enjoyment.

Taking our chance with Hanna’s sense of adventure we managed to snare 150 wonderful photos and a fantastic video too.

You can see Hanna’s video in this gallery….


You can see Hanna’s photoset and video bundle over at our shop – https://hw-friends.me/shop/

You can see all of Hanna’s latest photosets at – Hanna’s Shop

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  1. jacksully

    Finally Hanna is back, charming as always, drop dead gorgeous. She should publish more, she has tons of unreleased photosets, lotsa in St. Petersburg, and from her trips as well. Paris, the brewery in Prague etc. I don’t understand why lady Wiki hoards all those wonders.

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