Hanna Set 64 – Meet Stepan

Hanna has always had a desire to experiment. Couple that with her love of animals and recently we landed with her meeting Stepan. Such a lovely meeting too. How Hanna tamed the bear but he had her in the palms of his hands too. A match made in heaven, even if just for one day.

For this week we have a photoset that is a treat, Hanna and Stepan. And Stepan is truly a gentle bear with a loving heart and so receptive of Hanna’s charms. However, he is a rather slow mover so this release is a photoset only. We have about 7 seconds of video that we can share for those who are really interested.

With this set we have 120 photos to share, featuring many of Hanna with Stepan and and a few more just with Hanna herself. In all photos Hanna wears a classic flowing white dress with belt and bare feet. Stepan opts for his standard brown fur look.

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