Happy New Year 2021 from Hanna

Happy New Year

Hello, 2020 was a difficult year, but thanks to your support and love, we made it through.
I hope everybody has enjoyed the holiday time. And I wish everybody a happy new year for 2021.
Let’s all hope that it will be a better year for everybody and we can leave all the difficult times in 2020.
I wish you a lot of happiness and good luck in the New Year. Thank you for being with us.
Happy New Year to everybody from all of us at Hanna & Friends.

Hanna x

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  2. jacksully

    Thanks, Happy 2021 and Happy Orthodox Xmas!
    I remember that you observe the traditional Epiphany Ice Bath (Baptism),
    but be careful…
    You are unique!

  3. cruach

    Happy New Year and a Happy Christmas to all the girls.
    Hope that 2021 is a wonderful year for you all!

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