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As we start to get the motors running again we are setting up a new project to run alongside the site.

We are making an onlyfans site and you can take a glimpse at

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  1. jacksully
  2. Krunchiex

    Can anyone else see comments or posts? I can see the posts in my feed but if I click on any of them or see the comments I get “page not available”. Are you blocking certain countries?

    • hw-friends

      we are having problems with OnyFans verifications due to ‘non-English’ ID details. We are working on a solution. Thanks for your patience.

  3. SomeGuy

    Subscribed also! Looking forward to when the page is unblocked! I was very intrigued to see Lira’s birthday present

    • hw-friends

      Yes, OnlyFans have moved to their next level of prejudiced behaviour. Apparently ID documents are only valid if they are in Engish, no matter what the nationality of the creator.

    • hw-friends
      • cruach

        They have marked the sub as refunded but not the Tip I left on the Delia post however I have yet to see any actuall money back in my account so I will keep an eye on it. Hopefully since they haven’t marked the tip as refunded you will get to keep that?

        • hw-friends

          We will be keeping an eye on this. I have written to OnlyFans as a few people have reported this situation. As part of blocking the page they have blocked Hanna from withdrawing any funds so it seems at the moment that they are keeping that portion of the money for themselves. If that happens, we may need to consider a claim for fraud.

  4. cliff

    maybe posting the picture of a minor on onlyfans,even if she is dressed,was not the best idea. sorry

    • hw-friends

      Maybe, but that is not what OnlyFans has acted on.

      Their continued statement is that the required documents are not in English, a sad little stance as they have been shown the information presented in English on all of the documents

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