Hanna Set 65

Hanna is in holiday mode and that is something that we can appreciate. It is a time for fun, simple pleasures, sportswear, sun and warm temperatures and an opportunity for some photos and video. This week we catch Hanna during … Continued

Erin Set 3

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This week we welcome back Erin for her third set. And it’s a lovely start to 2023 for us as Erin checks out the furnishings at the new apartment. She throws off those shoes and makes herself right at home. … Continued

Erin Set 2

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This week we welcome back Erin for her second set with us. And this time she is in the kitchen and having lots of fun. And brings things like kitchen furniture, cherries, tomatoes and knives into the game. For Erin’s … Continued

Kiara Set 10

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Spring is here and so is Kiara. And what a super photoset and video we can bring to you. Kiara is summer style and causal. But wait, there is some important news to read. But it is top secret and … Continued