Hanna Set 65

Hanna is in holiday mode and that is something that we can appreciate. It is a time for fun, simple pleasures, sportswear, sun and warm temperatures and an opportunity for some photos and video. This week we catch Hanna during … Continued

Erin Set 4

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Erin is in the party mood this week and found some balloons on the stairs which stared her off thinking and dreaming of that invitation to a special night of celebration. Erin is in the party mood with her black … Continued

Kris Set 25

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Let’s say welcome back to the lovely Kris. She is taking a chance for another outdoor shoot to remind us of warmer days gone by. It’s great to see Kris again and we hope you enjoy her as much as … Continued

Erin Set 3

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This week we welcome back Erin for her third set. And it’s a lovely start to 2023 for us as Erin checks out the furnishings at the new apartment. She throws off those shoes and makes herself right at home. … Continued

Kiara Set 12

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Kiara is back one more time as a very special pre-Christmas treat. And she is back in the studio for a for a lovely, fun set. We hope you’re looking forward to Christmas as much as Kiara is. Kiara was … Continued

Evangeline Set 15

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Evangeline is at the art studio for a look around and the most valuable piece of art is Evangeline herself. And we were lucky enough to catch up with her and grab some photos and video, we hope you enjoy. … Continued

Valentina Set 2

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Valentina is out an about in the city and we take a chance to stop and grab a new set with her. Valentina brings us a nice relaxed and laid back photoset and video with an almost bohemian twist. Valentina … Continued

Remy Set 4

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Remy is enjoying a day in the snow with lots of fund as you can see from the way she looks at that camera. And that snow is no problem while Remy is around. Her bright smile will warm any … Continued

Evangeline Set 14

Evangeline is out in the garden again and look it has been snowing again. But Evangeline loves the snow and brings us another fantastic photoset and video. All hail the Snow Princess. Evangeline treats us to a beautifully warming winter … Continued

Wendy Set 6

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Wendy was round at the house to do a shoot and we took an opportunity in the bedroom to get away from the bad weather this time. We hope you enjoy! Wendy is back from shopping and has a lovely … Continued