Tina Set 24 – HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tina

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Happy Birthday Tina and thank you. Because we are so lucky to have a fantastic set to celebrate Tina’s birthday. As she takes us through her latest workout routine we are lucky enough to get a full view of that … Continued

Tina Set 22

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Tina is back and she brought her mirror again. But this time the reflection is concentrated on Tina, and of course that is always a delight. More summer, more outdoors, more Tina – just what we love! Tina is still … Continued

Tina Set 23 Valentine

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This weekend we celebrate Valentines with two super sets from Tina and Steffy. Join the girls in their celebration with some beautiful photos and video. Our first valentines set features the wonderful Tina who shows the angelic side of love’s … Continued

Tina Set 21

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Hi, we are back and we turn to a reflection of all our lives, brought to us by Tina. Making the most of those summer days in the parks. Tina shows a very special style with the mirror in her … Continued

Tina Set 20

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We are back indoors this week. And it’s time to step back and wonder at the artistry and gothic majesty that Tina can deliver. Every work that she produces has a style of its own but always we see that … Continued

Tina Set 19 [Среда]

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The Halloween festival always offers a chance to explore some different themes and styles. The models enjoy the opportunity to step outside the normal boundaries and project some menacing looks. And here comes Tina, what is her purpose? What do … Continued

Tina Set 18

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Tina is back and are we so happy? A day out in the country in the burning sun, what does a girl have to do to survive? And is there any chance of a lift home? Tina took time out … Continued