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Hey, if you found this page you found the website. So we like to say welcome, or maybe even welcome back. It has been a little while getting things sorted but we are now getting closer to having this site up and running.

We will have a shop front to run alongside this site and we are working on that in parallel to what we are doing here. And at the same time we are working on new sets and videos, getting them ready for your enjoyment. We will be very grateful for people who can spread the word via social media or the various forums.

We are hoping to go live with new sets on the site in the next week or so. We will also have a forum where people will be able to chat about Hanna and the other models. When we first go live with the new site our main models will be –

Also we will have new models joining us as well as one or two familar faces who are not able to work on a frequent basis but would still like to shoot sets when they can.

Watch out for update news – here, on twitter and on Instagram

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  1. skpdelia91

    Man I can’t wait for you guys to get this up and running, been far too long. Really looking forward to seeing the new sets too, especially from my favourite…..Delia.
    Keep the great work coming.

  2. jacksully
  3. admin
  4. BlackSilver42
  5. Joe

    Looking forward to seeing thing up and running and new sets. Hoping for lots more Tina 🙂

  6. julian

    I’m waiting new sets of my wonderful Eva! And after my favorite also of Rici and Kiara.

  7. Stu

    Message to admin:

    I’m so happy to see the new website but for goodness sake please change your username from “admin” to something more secure. The majority of WordPress intrusions are because people are using the username “admin”. You are running the very real risk of having your nice new website hacked.

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