Wendy Set 5

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Hello and please join us for Wendy’s 5th set at our site. And Wendy has certainly created ripples since joing Hanna and Friends. From stopping traffic in the city centre to cooking breakfast in just an oversized white shirt Wendy has lit up our space and here she does it again back outdoors but not quite as disruptive a location.

Wendy is off on her travels again but this time not out to stop the traffic. Somewhere a bit more green and with Wendy in thinking model we land with a more mellow set.

With this set Wendy heads for the more plaintive tone in white baggy size jumper, skinny black jeans and awesome heels. And we have 136 charming images and a wonderful video too.

You can see Wendy’s video in this gallery….


You can see Wendy’s photoset and video bundle over at our shop – https://hw-friends.me/shop/

And you can see all of Wendy’s latest photosets at – Wendy’s Shop

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